Click Here for the Best Sounding Guitars You Need to Listen to When Writing Essays

Click Here for the Best Sounding Guitars You Need to Listen to When Writing Essays
June 15, 2018 admin

If somebody told me that music played a big role in the quality of the essays, I would be writing in college. Unfortunately, considering my attitude back then I probably would’ve laughed at that person’s face if they shared that brilliant insight with me. First of all, I would not think it was brilliant. Second of all, I would have been a smart ass up about it and try to poke holes in their theory. I would probably go on and on about that the disconnect between the things that you are hearing and the thoughts that you are forming in your mind as well as the way you edit yourself internally before you commit words to paper.

As you can well imagine, people think at the rate of thousands upon thousands of words per second. That’s just how creative and imaginative and insightful we are. Unfortunately, the rate of thought formation starts to slow down as you get more fixed in your ways. In other words, you become more stubborn. Maybe become fearful. Maybe because of your suppressed memories or maybe you’re engaging all sorts of mental tricks that really hold you back and drag it down when it comes to the quality of your ideas.

If we think at such a blinding speed, we can speak faster than we write. In fact, writing is the lowest form of thought construction. You think you come up with an original concept and go back and edit it. You try to reshape and try to be molded overall and only goes. This in fact is not uncommon at all for many writers to get stuck in what I call analysis paralysis.

In the space of 10 minutes, I can dictate a thousand-word article. In many cases, I have also dictated 1500 words. Now, if somebody were to tell me that I should write the essay in the same amount of time. I would probably be able to only come up with a 50-80 words tops. It is not because I can’t type on my keyboard faster than a one word per minute. In fact, last time I checked I type at the rate of 65 words for a minute.

So typing out or expressing it is not the problem. The problem is the thinking process. This is why music is so important. If your thought processes are so clear you would be able to convert as much of your thoughts into the spoken word as possible. If you’re able to do that, then you’d be able to hang onto enough key concepts that you are silently voicing to yourself to commit them to writing. This is how the writing process works.

As an internal, it personally varies from person to person. There’s a lot of thoughts involved. This also highlights the fact that when you listen to great music like classical music or even down temple electronic music, your thought patterns start to become bolder. You start to take more charge of your thoughts that are forming so you can formalize faster and you can start talking internally in a high rate of speed. Most importantly, you would be able to relate the things that are saying now with things that you said a second ago in the things that you would be saying one second to five seconds from now.

Now, this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you keep practicing this you become a better writer. You will be able to knock out as many words on your keyboard. So after enough practice, aligning the dictation with my thought processes as well as the type of music I listen to I’m happy to report that I can now write at the rate of 1000 words per hour. You may be thinking that’s on the low side, but believe me since we’re talking about research composition, outlining, and cross-references as well as logic analysis are involved that is already plenty.

The best part to all of this is I discovered that classical guitar music really refreshes my intellectual circuits and really re-energizes my creative batteries. So if you are looking for the best sounding guitar music that would really jumpstart the way you think in the way you write, click here. Believe me, you owe it to yourself. There is nothing more awesome than clear thinking manifested and of course, clear writing.


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