If You’re Writing a Business Essay, You Definitely Need to Investigate Nearshore Software Company Options

If You’re Writing a Business Essay, You Definitely Need to Investigate Nearshore Software Company Options
June 15, 2018 admin

I remember the first time I had to write a business essay. What really got to me was not the ins and outs of writing the essay form. I’ve written a tremendous amount of essays before. That’s not the problem. The problem was the subject matter. You see, essays essentially just a formal type of writing. In other words, when you write you have to stick to some sort of form, because the form has for lack of a better word inherent magic.

I know it’s kind of a big claim, but it’s absolutely true because when you lay out arguments in a classic essay form the essay itself communicates your argument in a forceful concise compact and if you pick the right information in a very persuasive way. It’s as if the format takes a life of its own. This is why a lot of people instinctively write essays when they’re trying to persuade other people, because there’s something about the form that makes what would otherwise be random observations and random realizations into something more powerful.

So to say the least, I knew how essays work, but I was dumbfounded with business essays. Why? I was not very curious about business developments. That was my weak spot. So I was really kind of clueless regarding the rising trends and hot topics in the business world. Well, that all changes when I came across an online newspaper article on nearshore software company developments.

It turns out that one of the biggest problems American companies had can be solved through nearshore software development. For the longest time, people instinctively thought that if they needed some type of software or website to be built it has to go to India or Southeast Asia places like Malaysia and Singapore to the Philippines.

However, it turned out that that’s not really the most cost-efficient, because sure you’re saving money on dollars that you will be paying up front, but you will be making up for that by the number of dollars you will be spending for lost productivity, lost time, and also all sorts of headaches. Who wants any more headaches? Right.

So for the longest time, a lot of American and Western European companies thought there was stock in India or Pakistan as far as software development was concerned. Now, what really blew my mind as far as my business essay was concerned was the fact that there was a third option. The third option of course was nearshore development.

In other words, instead of automatically outsourcing work to the far side of the planet when I just kicked the job a few hundred miles east. That’s right. In places like Romania, Poland, and other Eastern European countries software development is thriving. These places on the map have no shortage of people with advanced degrees. So if you are looking for an interesting business essay topic, look for the nearshore software company development. You will be surprised as to what sort of trends coming out of Eastern Europe, because we get the best of both worlds. You get high-quality software development at very affordable rates.


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