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If You’ve Ever Lost a Cell Phone in College, You’re in Luck. You Only Need to Use Handy Finden

If You’ve Ever Lost a Cell Phone in College, You’re in Luck. You Only Need to Use Handy Finden
June 15, 2018 Ann Marsh

Make no mistake about it. College can be a very confusing place to be in. I’m not talking about your confusion regarding your personal identity. I’m not talking about the confusion regarding your social circles or what you wanted to in life. Those are deep and profound questions that college will definitely challenge you with, but with that said college also gives you enough time, space, and opportunities to rehash through personal issues so that you would be able to establish some sort of direction for yourself.

Believe it or not, college is after all the place many people “find themselves” at. With that said, you will probably need to brush up on your location skills because I got a piece of bad news. Given how frantic your regular college class schedule can be, don’t be surprised if you misplaced stuff.

I really realize the value of a textbook until I lost mine which I was signed up for a fairly obscure class and it was like pulling teeth trying to find replacement book. In fact, I had to download certain PDFs from the Internet just to avoid falling behind. Given the huge amount of stuff that we were supposed to read week after week. I’m talking about a list of thousand pages. It was quite challenging and that experience really brought home on the fact that as problematic as some missing textbooks can be, losing a mobile phone is ten times worse.

This also happened to me and believe me, I thought it was the end of my world. Why am I being overdramatic? You might even think that I’m melodramatic here and accuse me of being some sort of drama king.

Well, here’s the thing. Throughout your college career, you’re going to meet a lot of people. These people are going to be very interesting. A lot of these people might be potential romantic partners or whatever the case may be, you meet a lot of people. You take out their contact information. If you are like a typical college person you probably wouldn’t be backing up this information. It’s very rare for people to back up this information and still downloaded or even print them out. Most people just keep the stuff on their phone and this is where the problem occurs.

When I lost my phone, I thought it was then the end of my world, because the contacts for my lab classes were on my phone. My job leads were on my phone too. I was dictating on my daily notes regarding the projects that I’m exploring and they were on my phone as well. As you can tell, the whole thing was really stressful and thankfully I got to the bottom of the problem by using handy finden.

Handy finden is an app that enables me to find my mobile device whether it’s a tablet or a phone as long as the device can send signals to the Internet into a cell phone power, I can find it. Now, don’t get too excited. Please understand that your mobile device has a limited battery life. You already know this or at least you should be aware of it. This means that you only have a few hours to find your mobile device using handy finden.

Make no mistake about it. Once you realize that you have lost your device, you need to go to the handy finden website, locate your device and pick up another phone to get going on the matter. Maybe you need to talk to lost and found. Maybe you need to talk to local security or talk to somebody somehow associated with the administration of the particular part of the building your mobile phone is in.

Whatever the case may be, you need to get to the right people because you only have so much time to work with, otherwise your battery goes dead and you’re out of luck. Still handy finden gives you a lifeline. It is not the most optimal solution. Obviously, the best solution would be for you to instantly physically retrieve your mobile device. With the current technology, that’s just not going to happen. So do yourself a big favor, use the next best thing and register with handy finden so you can at least have a fighting chance to retrieve your phone should the unthinkable happened.


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