Take You Penthouse Dorm Room to the Next Level and Buy Composite Decking

Take You Penthouse Dorm Room to the Next Level and Buy Composite Decking
June 15, 2018 admin

When I first moved into the dorms, I was under the impression that the dorms were basically public housing. In other words, I did not really have many expectations. I was just looking forward to some sort of concrete box with a roof over my head. I wasn’t looking forward to being adequately warm during the winters and relatively cool in the summer. I do not have much in the way of expectations and that was my first brush with a philosophical understanding of the nature of happiness.

It turns out that if your expectations are in the right place, it’s going to be very hard for you to feel satisfied. It’s going to be very hard for you to feel let down if you assume certain things. Funny how that works right. Well, it turns out that my expectations were completely off base. I missed it by a thousand miles.

The public dorm room housing that I was looking forward to actually was a penthouse. By some weird statistical luck of the draw, I got up a penthouse unit at my college dorm housing facility. This place was a 20 story facility in the middle of a bay area city and believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than waking up at five in the morning to see the fog part slightly to reveal the San Francisco skyline.

It’s kind of like seeing heaven unfold in front of you, because it’s a beautiful city and with beautiful weather. But, there was one thing missing. The view was awesome and definitely patches thousands of dollars every single month in rents at other buildings. Now, I could see why other students thought that student housing was basically public housing.

The decking sucked. It looked like there was a bomb dropped on the roof of the dorm and then made a nasty shallow crater with cracks all over the place. It really was kind of sad when somebody told me that a mere semester after I left that the school finally got its act together and repaired the decking of the penthouse room. I did not get the luxury of entertaining people with a nice-looking deck and not get the luxury of over impressing people with the amazing San Francisco skyline. It was a purely private pleasure.

That was one of my biggest regrets, but this experience really highlighted me the importance of composite decking in particular. The great thing about composite decking is that it is design modular. You can mix, match and move things around. It’s composite so basically you can much change the look and feel of any outdoor area by laying down these products.

So if you’re thinking of getting penthouse dorm room. I got some good news and bad news. The good news is that it’s not as rare as you think. You don’t necessarily have to be a super-rich or super connected to get a penthouse dorm normal. Now, the bad news, you have to really take matters into your own hands. You might have to buy composite decking and install it yourself. Of course, with the blessing of the school. At the end of your stay at the penthouse, you probably would be asked to pack your composite decking, but still a little bit of ambiance management can go a long way when it comes to lifting your spirits, inspiring you, and encouraging you to host more parties at your door penthouse dorm room


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