Writing College Essays is Even More Fun When Riding a Segway Board

Writing College Essays is Even More Fun When Riding a Segway Board
June 15, 2018 admin

I know you’re probably laughing out loud after reading the title of this blog post. You probably are wondering if I’ve lost my mind. What in the world does writing an essay have to do with riding some sort of vehicle much less a hoverboard? Well, hear me out. You probably have heard of the Segway board. The Segway board is a hoverboard with the Segway brand.

The Segway of course is world-famous as a personal transport platform, because it lets people control the moving platform by positioning their body instead of using knobs, switches and traditional devices like steering wheels. You only need to move your body around for your Segway to start, stop, speed up, turn to the left, turn to the right and do all sorts of nice little mobility tricks.

Now, the great thing about that the Segway hoverboard is that it uses the same technology. It’s low-profile. It doesn’t take about as much real estate as the typical Segway model, but you get the same exhilarating feeling. It feels like you’re out floating off the ground. It feels like you are really going places and it’s this sense of transcendence regardless of how many inches there are that actually separating you from the floor.

That is what I have in mind when it comes to writing college essays. Make no mistake about it. One of the toughest parts of the college experience is to write a great essay. Now, I’m perfectly convinced that most people have it in them to write an essay. That’s not my issue. That is not the problem that I’m addressing.

Most people can pick up a pen, put it on paper and write out an essay. That’s not a big of a deal. What is a big deal however is writing an adequate essay? In other words, not only should you get a maid, but that the essay should actually stand for something. You should be able to write an essay that actually says something profound about the human condition and human spirit.

Now, I know that’s kind of a tall order considering the fact that the average American college student is usually preoccupied with the opposite sex, drink a lot of beer and possibly doing a few drugs. In other words, it’s a time of experimentation, but this is where the genius of riding a Segway board comes in. I don’t know about you, but my experience on a Segway board is that it enabled me to become fully aware of just how responsible I can be.

You have to understand that responsibility at least is taught to younger people. It is abstract. It seems too theoretical it appears like it’s that just a collection of speculative advice. Well, if you are on a Segway board and you make the wrong move there is a strong chance that you will spill and fall quickly. You will realize that your decisions play a big role as far as your material and physical reality are concerned.

This is a big personal revelation. This is precisely the kind of personal breakthrough that you need on the mental level to smash the invisible walls holding you back from writing decent college essays. You have to understand that most people who struggle with writing essays are not capable of writing good essays. They’re capable. They’re smart enough. They’re resourceful enough and they’re definitely clever enough. The only thing is holding them back is their fear. When you’re riding a Segway board you are reminded of just how much control you have and that fear will start to melt away.


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