You Don’t Have to be an Essay Genius to Find a Lost Phone Thanks to Localiser Un Telephone

You Don’t Have to be an Essay Genius to Find a Lost Phone Thanks to Localiser Un Telephone
June 15, 2018 admin

Interestingly enough, a lot of people are under the impression that if you’re a good essayist then you must have an amazing IQ. We’re talking about in the neighborhood north of 122-160. Now, it’s easy to see why people would be kind of suspicious of this or skeptical, after all 120 is above average and people might use the old term bright or brilliant to describe you. But, these words don’t really pack as much emotional punch as the word genius or super genius.

Unfortunately, in our day and age the word genius gets thrown around casually. If you do something right or if you stumble upon some sort of solution, don’t be surprised if somebody labels you genius. Now, it’s anybody’s guess if they’d truly believe that, but the point is people use the word to carelessly and this is why it really is quite interesting that people with an IQ of 120 are considered borderline geniuses.

If you want to be strictly formalist about it, the classic definition of genius is somebody with an IQ of 150 or more. That is the golden standard, because if you think about the kinds of jobs that you get depends on your IQ. Now, this is not a politically correct statement. People often tiptoe around this but it makes all the sense in the world, because if I knew that my doctor was about to put me under the knife to take out a tumor or remove a kidney and replace it with a new one has an IQ of 85, I probably would think twice about it and would ask for a second opinion.

The thing is a lot of people are just too easy and so eager to throw that word around. Here’s the thing. To be a genius really boils down to practicality that has two definitions of genius. There’s the classical definition which means that you have to have tested at 150 and above. Nobody can dispute that. Nobody can touch that definition, because it not only applies to a tiny sliver of the general human population. There is however, such a thing as a practical genius and this is where most of us can qualify. Let’s face it, not all of us are the sharpest tools in the shed and it’s perfectly okay, because as long as we are practically smart that is good enough.

Make no mistake about it. You don’t have to be some sort essay genius or some sort of math whiz to understand the ins and outs of finding your phone. Mobile phones get lost quickly. If you travel around a lot or if you’re absent-minded, you will eventually have to face this situation. I know it’s annoying. I know you’d rather do something else, but this situation comes up again and again.

If you’ve lost your phone, don’t think that you have to kiss it goodbye permanently. By simply installing an app, you would be able to localiser un telephone. You would be able to locate your telephone in plain English. The phrase that I said, localiser un telephone, is of course French. But, the bottom line is if you install an app and you turn on geolocation on your phone as annoying as it may be, you will be able to locate your phone.

Why? your phone will continue to send a ping or sent a signal to the nearest cell phone tower and you only need to log into a website that will email you or inform you that your phone has been located. Once you get its location, you can go there or you can pick up another phone and call the local authorities or in lost and found. Whatever the case you will know what to do. You will be able to get in touch with whoever to get in touch with to find your phone. The technology exists, it’s not rocket science.


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