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    Heat Press – Have A Detailed Information Of Two Different Models

    - by Ann Marsh

    You may have a dream of setting up a printing business. You need all the tools and equipment to make the business successful. One of the most important devices for this type of business is a heat press.

    Nowadays, heat press is available in the market in different models. While you are buying the unit for the first time, you may have confusions in choosing the right one. You can visit this website to get information on the heat press system of various brands. Now, we have presented you with the special features, available for different heat press machines.

    Two major categories of heat press units are

    • Clamshell
    • Swing away

    Clamshell- Looking like the shell or cover of any clam

    In this device, you can find an open top platen. You have to place the substrate on its bottom platen. Then, close its top platen and make sure that there is the right level of pressure and temperature. With one-step process, you will be able to operate the unit. The best fact is that this clamshell heat press is highly portable. A spacious workstation is also not essential for running this device. It is one of the reliable choices for you. With very limited effort, you may work with it. Most of the novice users rely on these models.

    Positive aspects of clamshell style heat press

    • Easy to operate for all types of users
    • Saves your time
    • The vertical design has made it a space-saving product
    • Best option to deal with bulk order


    • Not right for mats and other thick fabrics
    • Risk of injury while you are not attentive
    • Precision is not much high

    Swing away- Design the t-shirts with this swinger

    Its top platen keeps on swinging away from the bottom one. The action of swinging sideways helps you in getting easy accessibility to bottom platen. You will be able to organize the substrate and design very easily. However, a big workspace is must for placing the model. You can deal with the platen without any safety issue. You will enjoy a higher precision with this device.

    Positive features of the unit

    • Safe environment for the users
    • Time efficient
    • Uniform distribution of pressure and heat


    • Not the right choice for using complicated materials

    Guide to pick the right heat press

    While buying any heat press device, you have to focus on the following factors-

    Resilience– The heat press must be long lasting and have a sturdy structure.

    Range of substrate – The device has to be able to print several substrates of different thicknesses. You can have prints on the wood, glass and other items.

    Precision– For printing letters and numbers on the shirts, very high precision is essential for better quality of print.

    Thread-ability– This indicates the capability of the device in reloading and unloading an item very fast.

    You must also check out whether the device is safe for your use. Buy the best heat press unit for the printing services.