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Buying Guide: The Best Cheap Vlogging Camera

Buying Guide: The Best Cheap Vlogging Camera
November 28, 2018 Ann Marsh

Locating a great vlog camera that is affordable is more difficult than it appears. Can you really record good videos with a cheap vlogging camera in 2018? Thankfully, according to the reviews at https://www.expnet.com/reviews/cheap-vlogging-camera, the answer is yes. By ranking the good attributes and planning your budget, you can make use of this report to select the appropriate cheap camera for your vlog in 2018.

How to Buy a Cheap Vlogging Camera

When it comes to locating a cheap camera for vlogging, you will have to make more sacrifices. There is always the alternative to purchase one of the best vlogging cameras available and et all the benefits, but if you are reading this essay, you probably want to start from a cheaper price. A perfect in-between option could be beginning with a cheap DSLR camera.

But what deserves to be paid for and what attributes are fine to skip? Let’s have a look:

Skip it – Spending extra for zoom

A really great zoom attribute is important only in a few situations, and those happen more frequently in photography than in filming.

If you are making a video for YouTube, then owning a camera that can take a photo of a porcupine with its spikes from 50 yards away is not really going to help.

On a general note, you are in a better situation being in front of the camera and focusing for your audience.

Worth it – Durability

A good number of affordable vlogging cameras do not last as long as higher end DSLR or mirrorless alternatives, but that does not mean that you should settle for something fragile that will break after some vlogs on the road.

If you are installing your camera on a tripod in your own studio, then do not bother yourself too much. If you are going to be mobile, you may want to take a look at an affordable action camera as an option.

Skip It – Paying for a ton of megapixels

The function and worth of megapixels are sometimes exaggerated. Their value for pictures is a different topic, but be aware that for video, you do not require more than 2-3 MP to take videos in 1080p.

A huge MP count may be useful for taking pictures that can capture large-scale pictures in fine detail but is almost impossible to make your vlog better.

Worth it – Filming in 1080p

Although many YouTube videos are watched on a cell phone in 720p or less, 1080p has become commonplace for clear looking videos on the internet.

Usually, it will be important to get a camera that records on 1080p to make it seem like you are a great YouTuber – particularly when so many affordable cameras now provide this resolution.

Skip It – Spending that extra cash on 4K

At the moment, 4K is something that majorly high-end Televisions will show. Although 4K Televisions are enjoying more renown, a large percentage of your audience will be viewing in 1080p or less – particularly those using a cell phone. Save your money and do not bother yourself with 4K video while you set up your channel.