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Pickleball Paddle – Which Is The Right One For You?

Pickleball Paddle – Which Is The Right One For You?
November 28, 2018 Ann Marsh

Pickleball is very interesting game to lots of players in this world. While you are one of the racket game enthusiasts, you will surely love playing pickleball. With physical fitness, skill and precision, you may win the game. Pickleball paddle is one of the major essentials to the players. You have to buy a high quality paddle to get fun in the game.

The overall construction, materials, weight and size cause the difference in these paddles. Now, we have helped you in picking the best pickleball paddle for the game.

By using the right paddle, you will feel more confidence in the gaming court. You have to check the size of the handle, weight and the hitting spot. The paddle is helpful for-

  • Higher accuracy

To make the precise shots, you have to use a good paddle. The paddle helps you in playing the shots at a position, which causes stress to your competitors.

  • Get power for playing the game-

In the past, players used weighty paddles for more powerful and stronger shots. However, modern technology has introduced paddles, composed of graphite, polymer and composite.

  • Reduce your physical strain-

While you have invested on the wrong paddle, you have a chance to get injured.

For instance, when you have tendonitis, the lighter paddle may not be right for you. More movement is needed to play powerful shots.  This will also cause high pressure on your wrist and elbow.

Your feelings from using the paddle

You have to play the pickleball game at the fastest pace. Thus, the paddle must give a good feel to your hand. While swinging the paddle, you have to get comfort. Pick up the paddle and know whether this is the right choice to you.

One millisecond may cause a difference in your performance in pickleball.  You may move the weighty paddle smoothly, and that is why it can affect the game.  As an aged player, you may be naturally slow to show your reaction. In that case, you have to look for the light paddle.

Grip size of the paddle

The grip must not be very long or short. The longer ones help you with higher stability, while the shorter ones make the shots more controllable.

You have to try out both of them to know the right one for you.

Rules for choosing the grip

  • Short height players have to choose a grip of 4”
  • Tall players may use a grip of 4 ½”
  • Players with medium height (5’3” to 5’8”) have to invest on 4 ¼” paddle grip

Some pickleball paddles have thick padding that helps in reducing the vibrations. The manufacturers also use rubber for the paddle surface. The players have to be able to grip the paddle firmly. The grips may be replaceable or can remain attached to the handle of your paddle.

Thus, read the above guide to find the best standard paddle to play pickleball. The professional players may visit pickypickleball.com and choose the right kits for the game.