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Why You Need to Upgrade HDD on Your PS4

Why You Need to Upgrade HDD on Your PS4
November 28, 2018 Ann Marsh

When you purchase a new PS4, it comes with a 500 GB (which comes to 465 GB formatted) drive that earmarks about 57 GB for other software and the operating system on your PS4. Now that local installations and digital downloads are important, though, we expect the remaining 408 GB will begin to disappear as soon as more content is made available. Does that inspire you to want to upgrade HDD and put in something bigger, although you are still saddled with a mechanical disk? As a matter of fact, I believe your reading this essay up to this PS4 HDD upgrade guide provides an answer to that question.

More Storage Requirements

As of 2017, 4 years after the launch of PS4, 1TB or even 500GB of HDD storage isn’t exactly what it once was. Games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare demand for about 130GB of storage space, and when you put that together with all the other add-ons and DLCs, it is very easy to be left without space. As a matter of fact, if you have owned a PS4 for about three or four years already then you have most likely almost exhausted your space. So, shouldn’t you replace your PS4’s hard drive?

When we talk about hard drives, no matter the capacity of the original model, it won’t be enough in the end. 1TB appeared to be sufficient in the past, what happened to all that space?

Definitely, deleting old games to clear up space is a simple to do, but somehow deciding on that is difficult, as you will constantly keep telling yourself that you will somehow find the time to finish.

Performance Degradation

As a matter of fact, a time will come when the drive will not perform as expected. Even though it is not being used physically, it will eventually degrade and function slowly. What if you also find out that the PS4 standard hard drive, whether in updated version (1TB) or launch version (500 GB) is an outdated backward drive that is not in sync with the current storage standards, in the sense that, despite its limited storage capacity, it provides less endurance and low performance when compared to current hard drives. Due to this fact, the person currently using it will find it difficult to play and even pull up the appropriate images. This accounts for the increasing user complaints of the PS4 HDD errors/failures after about a year or two of heavy use. Opting to upgrade or replace a PS4 HDD would be a great alternative for anybody.

Better Reliability/Stability

Newer HDDs generally have the most up-to-date storage capabilities that make them perform better and more reliable/stable than older hard drives. Thus, by acquiring a new hard drive for your PS4, you will not be disturbed by the problems caused by the outdated stock hard drive than a number of PS4 users began to experience after a year or two of constant use.

It should be noted that a drive like Seagate Firecuda SSHD offers you a good 5-year limited warranty on the drive, which distinctly shows its strong dependability.