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    Piermont Grand Will Bring Over 28.000 New Jobs: Let’s See How And Why This Will Happen

    - by Ann Marsh

    Piermont grand is currently under development and soon or better said in the mid-2019 people will be able to purchase new condos. This condominium is one of the most important in Singapore and has huge importance for the local community. Believe or not, this place will bring over 28.000 new jobs to the location. Now we will see how and why this is going to happen.

    The symbiosis between education and industry

    The first and the most important reason why this case is valid is in the new master plan. It has been used in developed countries for decades and it is known as the best possible alternative. What this means is that education, colleges especially will be located nearby industry facilities. Piermont grand will offer an interesting capability. People will be able to educate and start working in a smaller ground space, which is of huge importance to busy locations.

    The mentioned symbiosis is stunning in the lack of a better word. It is beneficial primarily for new job openings and additional education and practice. Ecosystems of this kind are also known for providing more professional employees due to the fact they are involved with their jobs straight from college. This isn’t the full list of benefits.

    Digital and cyber security technologies will be in the lead

    The next thing we must discuss is which industries will be present in the city. Singapore is one place where the internet, IT and technology, in general, are in the massive lead. This allows younger people to start working in one of these industries and to develop their skills more than ever before.

    In general, the city will increase the demand for IT experts, professionals with cybersecurity and online development. If you are one of them, now is the best moment to plan this city and this location as your new home. After all, the benefits are massive.

    There will be an addition of other business opportunities as well. The most common ones will be associated with the hotel, accommodation, food and similar aspects. This means that with the increase in the technology demand, all employees who are responsible for companionship will be requested as well. We did mention that 28.000 new job openings will be the case, but this refers to the technology industry only. In reality, over 50.000 new jobs are seen and most of them will be filled before the complex in question is completed. The growth regarding this matter will continue in the near future.

    The final word

    Piermont grand EC is one place that has a huge impact on the local economy and life quality. Thanks to it and the new ecosystem which will be adopted, the job demand will jump massively. We can see that 28.000 job openings are the first to be seen and additional 20.000 are seen in the near future. Most of the jobs will be related to technology.