Alibaba review: Examining the True Benefits of

In this article, we will consider the main benefit offered by, according to an Alibaba review this is the total amount of data offered by the supplier. If the data is exhausted in a proper way, then there is every chance of weeding out the “bad suppliers”. Before we can identify the bad suppliers we have to know the definition and concept of a good supplier:

  • A supplier that has the experience in the area of manufacturing of products that suit your quality requirements and product specifications.
  • A supplier that produce goods and products that meet certification standard (i.e. RoHS, CE or FCC) in your local area or country.
  • A supplier that has the ability to offer the products at a competitive price rate

Most importers only consider the last point that is the low and moderate rate of prices, while overlooking the previous points. It is unwise to engage in the negotiation of prices and order samples of products from Alibaba supplier that does not have the experience in the delivery of products in the first place. Thus it is very important to first confirm whether the supplier is ready to meet your product specifications before comparing the price rates.

Alibaba is a safe and secure platform. But that is only applicable if you are proactive and tackle issues before they occur. After the importation of your goods from China, then nothing else can be done to reverse it. The major and most vital step is to create a list of product specifications.

Factors to choose a good seller on Alibaba:

Forms of payment :

In order to be as protected as possible, discard paying via Western Union or bank transfer. Remember that Paypal usually charges a commission to the recipient of the payment, so it is possible that the seller will pass the surcharge if you choose this option.


Can I trust the seller? Here, the fundamental thing is to look at the opinions, ratings, and comments of other users about the product and the company in question. In this sense, the aforementioned Alibaba is a key factor when deciding on one supplier or another, minimizing as far as possible the risk factor. A sign that we can be a trusted provider is having verified that the company has its own website on the platform.


It is true that articles of Chinese origin usually have a good price and there are great offers, but up to what extent can it be true that a product is cheap? The advisable thing is to compare the greater number of suppliers and to discard the purchase of extremely cheap products.

One of the most common mistakes among first-time buyers is to think that the price paid per product will be equal to the final price of our purchase. Watch out! The prices shown by Chinese suppliers, do not include possible expenses in concepts of VAT, tariffs or special taxes (can apply according to the type of merchandise), and that depends exclusively on the importer.

Quality :

The concept of quality in China is not the same as in other parts of the world. The demands of international consumers tend to differ markedly compared to those of the Asian user. Therefore, it may be interesting to ask our suppliers for certifications about the quality of their products. Also, remember that there are certain products that need to have a special quality certification to be imported. Normally, items that have passed a certification process usually have a higher price, keep this in mind when making the decision.

Regarding the originality of the product, according to which brands it is highly probable that we are facing a possible falsification, as we mentioned before, distrust of the great bargains.


Before buying, check under what circumstances you are entitled to a shipment of a new product or a refund. If it finally turns out that our worst omens have been fulfilled and the product has not arrived or is very different from what we thought we had bought, what should we do? First, it would be best to talk to the provider and try to arrange the situation in a friendly way. It depends on the price and characteristics of the product, but the usual thing is that we do not pay to return the product to China, paying us the shipping costs. If the purchase has been through Alibaba, pressing with leave a negative feedback to the seller is a weapon within your reach to pressure the seller, since your comment will be visible in the profile of the seller and may throw back potential buyers.