PolyScience MVS 45XP Chamber Vacuum Sealer 1

Chamber Vacuum Sealer: The Best Content for Preservation

It is necessary that you should know a few things concerning the vacuum sealers before you buy them, starting with the various kinds of sealers that are in existence. There are basically two major types of vacuum sealers employed for use when it comes to packaging food. These types include sous vide double chamber vacuum sealers and external vacuum sealers. Both sealers are useful in the removal of air though it is important to point out that they have various purposes and are used for an array of various products. Before you make a decision on which vacuum seller you want to buy, ensure that you are going for the correct kind.

External vacuum sealers are the same as the models sold in a department store for use at home or the ones seen on TV. This, however, does not mean all external vacuum sealers are meant for use at home. Some external vacuum sealers are specifically made for industrial packaging use.

When it comes to an external vacuum sealer, position your product in a bag and put the open area into the sealer. The sealer will successfully remove the air and thereafter seal the open end thereby preventing air from re-entering the bag. These external vacuum sealers can’t be used for delicate products like potato chips as a result of their inability to substitute the air with an inert gas.

Chamber vacuum sealers are widely regarded as the most popular machines for industrial packaging. They still make use of bags, like what is obtainable with the external models, however, the packaging process is a lot different. With a chamber vacuum sealer, the product is positioned in a bag, after which the complete bag is positioned in the chamber. Immediately it is ready, the chamber hood gets pulled down. The machine is then able to extract 99.9 percent of the air that is situated in the chamber and seal the open area of the bag thereafter.

The atmosphere that is in the chamber is then returned back to how it was before. The sealed bag is vacuum packaged and good to go for storage or sale. Some bits of the process, if required, can include removal of the air and its replacement with an inert gas. The amount of air extracted from the chamber can be adjusted as required as well.