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How to Get Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags for Cheap

It is important to be aware of the fact that the modern day handbag is much more functional than a piece that assists us in carrying the necessary items. Handbags are more like the recent accessory of the age, gracing the red carpets at events in designer variants that stimulate the masses to head out to the nearest departmental store in their locality. In most cases, a number of the more flagrant designers have similar luxury handbags and the world at large is longing to see what will be their next project in addition to the growing line of fashion products. By purchasing genuine Louis Vuitton bags for cheap is one luxury fashion product that enthusiasts look forward to owning.

The Louis Vuitton established a very easy to recognize the pattern and you can readily find it on any Louis Vuitton fashion product – a chestnut and beige colored “LV” monogram. Over the years, there have been many variations of the Louis Vuitton handbag and that is among the reasons that enthusiasts really appreciate the brand.

They look forward to seeing what improvements will be made and what new trend will the brand set out for their competition to follow, and they have never been disappointed. It is without a doubt that whatsoever Louis Vuitton handbag that is released becomes a success. The celebrities on the other hand due to their passion for this excellent fashion house assists in the enormous success of the band. Louis Vuitton is more like the pictorial representation of successful and the handbag is now a status symbol among the famous and the rich globally.

How to Get Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags for Cheap

With all that said, it is also safe for you to arm yourself with knowledge that you don’t get the fake ones. There is a number of Louis Vuitton bags for cheap that are really fakes and yet the amount they sell it for are quite absurd prices for imitation materials. Below are some of the factors that you need careful attention to especially when you are out buying Louis Vuitton bags for cheap


The main stamp of Louis Vuitton is a very significant thing for authentication and sometimes easily allows you to identify the fakes.

The features that you need to pay close attention to with the stamping are as follows:

  • The tail on its L is quite short.
  • All the O’s come in spherical shape and appear bigger compared to the L.
  • The T is almost connected with each other and because they are very close, it seems they are just one letter.
  • The lettering must be thin or somewhat thin, crisp and very clear.
  • Study the font that is used on all genuine Louis Vuitton bag and how they are aligned.

Keep in mind, though, that there are exceptions to the rules above, especially when you compare the vintage bags to the modern ones. You can find counterfeit samples images online that you can compare with two.


Most of the fake LV bags have poor quality hardware. Some of them are even made out of plastic, just coated with gold or imitation gold to look like it is the original!

Just observe how precise and clean the imprinting of the letters is on the authentic hardware when you compare it with the imitation bags. The biggest giveaway for the hardware, especially the ones used for zippers, is its dull colour. It doesn’t have that brilliant luster that the original LV bags have.


All the LV bags that are made before the eighties do not have the datecode. However, most of the ones that are in circulation right now come with a datecode.

The datecodes provide the place and date of the bag where and when it was manufactured. Since a lot of datecodes offer the origin of the country where the bag was made, this can be used as your checkpoint for authentication. The counterfeits also messes up in this part.

Take for example a fake datecode like the MI 1920. MI is the code country for France. But when you see the stamping of the LV bag states “Made in Spain” or “Made in USA” that is already a big giveaway that it is a fake. The country that is specified on the datecode must also be the same with the name of the country in the stamping. You can find a complete list of datecode from the official LV site itself. There are also bloggers that are dedicated to showing you a list and much other information about how to spot a fake LV bag.