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Squishies: An Overview of the Hottest Toys for Christmas

This is a difficult situation to be found in every year, but it goes through without any sign of failure. The top toys for Christmas are listed on the wshcollection website, afterward, you will observe that people will head to the shopping mall in great numbers to get them. The result of this is that there will be a number of disappointed children and parent who are denied of the toys of their dreams for the year.

The top toy options for Christmas have been communicated across to the public. If perchance, you are enthusiastic about getting one of the gifts or perhaps more for someone special to you, like your kids, it is important that you are quick thinking and smart about it. Most of these gift items can be ordered via the mobile phone and the internet from toy stores, but the supplies are quite limited and you have to make the decision and place an order now. Below are some of the top favorites.

It is quite surprising that the top gift option to hit the toy stores globally this year are the Squishies. They are dominating the shelves in the toy stores; regardless of they are barely an inch tall. They are soft, squishy and available in 16 various forms. They offer an element of surprise, in the sense that you do not get to know what you will be getting not until you have the pack unwrapped, thus making it an ideal gift option for kids that are more excited about the unexpected and the anticipation of it.

Squishies: An Overview of the Hottest Toys for Christmas

The way the squishies of wshcollection and many other manufacturers are marketed are for relieving anxiety and stress. They are also marketed for children, too. However, some customers say that the analysis of this marketing seems a bit off target. They shared that they are more than just staving off the anxiety and stress that most people go through today. They are more about easing the sense of loneliness in this era deprived of touch.

Going back to how the whole squishies got blown out in this time, it would seem like the squishies are something new in the market. However, they have been around for more than 5 years, but it all started in Japan, the country known for its creation of ‘kawaii’ or cute things. It is no surprise if the very first product of kawaii squishies are small cats, dogs and any other animals that are attached to the back of the phone. The international market, seeing that this will really be welcomed all over the world, took it and manufactured their own squishies. The stress and anxiety relievers before squishies became a thing was the fidget spinner. Right now, it is the squishies.

As of this writing, there are almost 2 million posts that possess the #squishy hashtag in Instagram and YouTube. Some of them specifically show haul videos of squishies in packs, wherein at least there are 10 or 20 squishy toys inside them. These videos show its viewers every item in the pack, demonstrate it to them and explain what they feel about their haul. These haul videos show different shapes and sizes of squishy toys, which is why it is very entertaining to watch them play with every squishy they get from their haul.

The Instagram videos usually follows the basic, but somehow it is strangely satisfying – squish the squishy, release, re-inflate and then repeat. You can even see the squishies make some cameos in a number of ASMR videos. You will also see a different genre of videos that are dedicated for cutting the squishies open; various stress balls and many other items that do not have the standard textures. However most hosts admit that cutting the squishies open is not really that fun at all. Since they are made out of foam, you will never see any surprise goo within.

While it does address the longing that many people are deprived of today, it doesn’t mean that they are to be used as an alternative to human affection. Still, it helps relieve anxiety and stress from most people. Children even bring a pack of squishies with them to their camp. Children find comfort with their squishies and camping is their first experience of being far away from home. They are barred from the occasional sleepover or even the solo visit to their grandparent’s home. Squishies are the combination of familiarity and comfort that are stuffed into a single activity with built-in cool factor and activity that the fidget spinner possess.